Looking to invest and build the infrastructure of tomorrow and invest in an asset class that was previously only available to institutional investors? The Privado Infrastructure ELTIF fund makes this possible. Private investors can now gain exposure to a diversified, growing portfolio that provides essential infrastructure services to societies and economies.

With low minimum investment, monthly subscriptions, and quarterly redemptions, the Privado Infrastructure fund offers a unique opportunity.

Infrastructure is everywhere and constantly evolving

Infrastructure is essential for the functioning of societies. It spans all the physical assets, services and facilities that help societies develop and grow. Examples of infrastructure include roads, railways, airports, power generators, telecommunications, utilities, schools, and hospitals. Modern infrastructure is sustainable and crucial to keeping cities moving, lights on, homes warm, children educated, populations healthy and rural communities connected. It is a fundamental component of quality of life and successful economic development.

The continuous need for infrastructure investments is currently estimated to exceed USD 3.7 trillion per year. The high capital intensity required to build and maintain the assets, makes it difficult for the public sector to shoulder such investment alone. To bridge this gap left by the tight government budgets, private capital will continue to play an increasingly crucial role, and so can you.

An investment strategy tailormade for you

Offering access to a range of private infrastructure opportunities across multiple industries, sectors, and geographies.

Easy access to an existing diversified institutional infrastructure portfolio

Invest alongside Swiss Life Asset Managers and big institutional players through one single investment.

CHF/EUR 1000 minimum investment amount

Subscriptions starting from CHF/EUR 1000 offer a unique, previously inaccessible, opportunity.

Robust asset class

Low correlation to traditional asset classes like equities and fixed income.

What is a European Long-Term Investment Fund (ELTIF)?

Answer to the question of what is a European Long-Term Investment Fund by listing five attributes
Answer to the question of what is a European Long-Term Investment Fund by listing five attributes

The European Union introduced the European Long-Term Investment Fund (ELTIF) in 2015 to broaden the investment spectrum. This regulatory protected structure provides access to previously inaccessible alternative market assets. ELTIFs invest in long-term equity and debt investments in the real economy and infrastructure, offering financing options outside the banking sector to the economy. Qualified investors can support innovative projects and companies with long-term capital requirements, ultimately supporting companies and services that are fundamental to society.

How can I participate?

Are you interested in our product and want to invest in infrastructure?

Please contact us at contact-privado@swisslife-am.com or your relationship manager at your bank to get further information about the product and the signing process.

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